Well I took a job at a liquor store  
Man ain’t I pretty being such an alco-whore  
As I dipped myself in champagne problems  
Stinking fur coat, broken speed boat sorrows  
Ive never seen so many suits with such shaking hands  
And the bell keeps ringing  
And the door keeps spinning  
As I try to make a living  
Soaking ties in whiskey brands  
This can not be the masterplan  

Went from beggar to healer back to beggar in the know 
Skinny fuck up going chemo pro  
Jumped straight in to be some hospital valet  
Try my best to comprehend a thing the doctors say  
I never heard such gore without a panic attack  
And the phone keeps ringing  
And my head starts spinning  
As I now make a living  
Giving meaning to an endless cul-de-sac  
This must be some master gag 

Life just keeps on going  
Like nothing’s changed  
But I can not unsee the nurse 
failing to replace the clogging drains  
There was blood on the walls  
And dripping down his lap  
We just laughed about it  
Cause we both already snapped way back  

To busy with the scans and the doctors gall  
To busy being so fucking unemotional  
The sick and the pills that make your skin crawl  
To busy with the vomit in every public restroom stall  
to busy driving you to the hospital  
To busy to even think that you might not survive at all  

It’s hard to believe when it’s all done  
When the phone stops ringing  
And the wheels stop spinning  
And you're still used to a living  
that could turn out to be simple slow earn run  
This must be the master's fun  

Now I’m back here in this liquor store  
And suddenly all these people are such a fucking bore  
Who ever thought I would be back to brag  
About some shitty overpriced K.O congac  
It’s like nothing happened and it’s all tame  
And the bell keeps ringing  
And the world keeps spinning  
You’re still among the living  
But you’re just not the same  
Just a loser at the master's game  

Hey man You turned 60 today  
I came by and we just sat outside all day  
I honestly thought you would not make it this far  
And still after everything thing you went through now here you fucking are  
You looked at me and I looked at you  
We didn’t say a thing but I now know that we both knew 
We’re just waiting for the master's cue 

Youri Lentjes 2020